we are a fun and contemporary
floral and event design company based in
the city of brotherly love

and sisterly affection


At Papertini, we provide customized flowers and décor for weddings and other special events. In addition to beautiful floral designs, by incorporating diverse and innovative materials and props, we carefully integrate the personality and vision of our clients into each event.

What Does Full Service Mean?

Our full service includes products (floral and decor), setup, and teardown service.
Floral products are bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and arrangements (ceremony and guest tables arrangements, etc). We also provide candles and other decor props (such as old/vintage books, cake stands, old typewriter, etc). We custom design most of our signage props that client can choose to rent as well (ceremony signs, menu boards, direction signage, easels, etc). 

Our Full Service Pricing

Since each order is custom designed, we do not have a price list. In general, we have a minimum order of $ 3,500 excluding taxes.

For venues/locations beyond 30 miles from Philadelphia, we have a minimum order of $ 6,500 excluding taxes. 

Meet the Papertinians

 Photography by Lindsay Docherty Photography

Photography by Lindsay Docherty Photography


Tanti, Owner/Principal Designer, is a self-taught floral designer who learned the trade through years of hard work and experimentation. Fascinated by modern abstract sculptures, but also inspired by Disney’s old school cartoons and Japanese animations, she finds the creative process therapeutic and a great way to let her imagination run wild. When she’s not in the design studio, she can be found reading mangas, watching Korean soap operas, or whipping up a feast for friends.


Karena, Designer, is a lifelong creator, and loves playing with flowers. She spends her days baby slinging, gardening, making soap, enjoying the outdoors, relaxing into yoga poses, cooking wholesome meals for her family, and admiring the love and beauty in life's little details. She lives in Cedar Park, Philadelphia with her true love, their son, and two rambunctious kitties. There is no place she'd rather be than in her garden on a warm summer's evening, except maybe on a beach or at the top of a mountain. She loves every flower under the sun, but her very favorite is foxglove.


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